Not Only — But Also is project that my partner and I have launched. It's a new platform to shed light on the other roles that exist in the creative industry that don't often get talked about. We’re collecting together resources, interviews and more to help young creatives navigate these different roles – What are they? Who does them? And what does it take to get into them?

Project Scope

On-going project to help give young creatives valuable information about the creative industry, its structure and what opportunities are out there.

Not Only — But Also is built with JAMstack technologies, namely Gatsby.js using Prismic as its CMS, querying the API using GraphQL. The data is then passed through to Gatsby templates using React props. The interactions and animations throughout the site are powered with Framer Motion.

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Technology used

  • JavaScript /
  • Gatsby.js /
  • React /
  • CSS in JS /
  • Prismic /
  • Framer Motion /
  • Adobe After Effects /
  • Adobe Illustrator /
  • GitHub /
  • Netlify

Behind the scenes we have been conducting interviews with loads of brilliant people, gathering their stories and advice to help young people better understand the creative industries and find a role that suits them.

The hero section of the homepage maps over data from Prismic to create these fun stickers that can be dragged, thrown and (when we have enough content) can be used as a way to navigate the site to various articles and categories.

All the articles are organised into their own category based on the job role that is being talked about. The pieces are highlighted by a floating category sticker which is achieved using React state, data from Prismic and a custom hook.

All of the content for the articles utilises Prismic's "slices" so we can conditionally render copy, videos, images, pull quotes and more based on what is required for the article, providing flexibility.

I have been developing the brand as well as creating animations for our Instagram page which has seen great engagement.
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